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Private Jet Ownership is Expensive, We Make it Affordable

The SkyShareUSA Advantage

SkyShareUSA provides fractional jet ownership at a fraction of the cost. By utilizing two of the most cost-effective jets, offsetting repositioning fees for travelers that plan to travel ahead of time, and leveraging our relationship with leading maintenance companies to keep our costs low, we are able to pass the savings on to you. This type of private jet ownership is attracting a lot of attention, driven by pent-up travel demand.


Our fractional ownership program saves you valuable time and money by providing flights when and where you need them, highly trained pilots, aircraft maintenance, and world-class customer service at an extremely competitive cost.


The magic begins the moment you step onboard. You’ll find every detail is managed, from gourmet food and drinks of your choice to premium amenity options. For business or pleasure, our flight operations team will make sure your private jet is ready, precisely as you scheduled.


From the cockpit to the control and data centers and every point in between, deliberate measures have been put in place to provide you the highest levels of confidence so you can fly with peace of mind during these trying times.


Avoid the overnight depreciation of a new aircraft by purchasing a share of quality, low-time, preowned aircraft.

Guaranteed fixed monthly and hourly cost with zero maintenance risk.

One low, fixed monthly rate covers all fixed expenses such as management, crew, insurance, hangar, etc.

No hidden surprises. Your maintenance is covered with our 100% guaranteed airframe and engine protection plans.

Ownership Cost Components

Enjoy all of the benefits of sole ownership and private travel, without the responsibility of managing aircraft crews, operations, or maintenance. This program is best suited for travelers who fly 50 hours or more per year. Fractional ownership allows access to jets with multiple cabin sizes that fit a variety of missions. Our fractional jet ownership program benefits those who are able to plan their travel, delivering maximum cost savings.

There are three major components that make up the cost of purchasing and operating your shared aircraft:


An initial, one-time fractional purchase allows for a minimum of 50 flight hours per year for a duration of five years. At the end of your five-year program, SkyShareUSA will resell your aircraft and distribute the proceeds to all fractional owners. Owners may choose to reinvest in another program cycle or upgrade at any time.


Your shared monthly fixed expense covers all the fixed costs of operating your aircraft. This includes, but is not limited to management, crew, insurance, hangar, cabin support, administrative costs, and crew training.


The direct operating costs are calculated as an hourly rate to cover two items: the fixed cost of maintenance and fuel.

fractional jet ownership

As you can see in the chart, SkyShareUSA is significantly less expensive than its competitors for a larger fractional share (20% vs 12.5%).

Submit the form and we’ll send you a detailed cost comparison in U.S. dollars.

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