Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fractional Jet Ownership with SkyShare USA?

A share is Contractually Defined Ownership specifying an undivided interest of a single aircraft, to be sold to multiple owners in 1/5th Shares (100 Hour) or 1/10th (50 Hour) Shares With SkyShare USA (SSUSA), we only allow 500 occupied hours per year. The industry standard is 800 flight hours per year. 

What is the length of ownership with SSUSA?

Five-years, with the right to renew.

Will I be assessed additional costs for Maintenance Issues?

No. Your maintenance is covered with our guaranteed airframe and engine protection plans. This is included in the hourly operating cost. SkyShare USA guarantees to cover 100% of all maintenance issues with the lowest maintenance costs in the industry, thus ensuring zero maintenance risk and worry-free ownership.

How will interiors be maintained cosmetically?

The condition of our fleet’s interiors are closely monitored and maintained. Comments are encouraged from every SkyShare USA owner after every flight to help keep us informed.

What COVID-19 Safety Standards are in place?

Anti-Microbial Shield

All our aircraft are treated with a product called ClearCabin. This is a two-part solution professionally applied throughout the interior of the aircraft that works across a broad spectrum of known bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19.

Between flights, all seats and interior surfaces of the aircraft are treated with a disinfectant-grade product, such as CleanSmart, that is EPA-approved for use against COVID-19 to sanitize and clean all touchpoint areas in the plane.

Immediate Response

Crewmembers undergo periodic Covid-19 testing, and their temperatures are taken before each flight. In addition, if any crewmember shows any signs of illness, they will be replaced and the aircraft will immediately undergo a deep cleaning and disinfecting procedure, which will be followed based on CDC guidelines for COVID-19.

Are there tax advantages if I own a share in a SSUSA Fractional Aircraft?

Yes, as an SSUSA owner, you or your entity may have tax advantages available. Contact our Aviation Experts or consult with your attorney or CPA for details.

What happens at the end of my Ownership Agreement?

SSUSA will sell your aircraft at the current Market Value at the end of the agreement. The proceeds will be distributed equally among SSUSA owners according to their share size.

May I fly over my allotted hours for the year?

Yes, with limits. Owners may purchase additional flight time at an owner’s discount from SSUSA. There are limits to the number of additional hours that may be purchased above the contracted amount.

Will I have the same crew for each flight?

Each SSUSA Aircraft will have a dedicated Captain and 1st Officer. However, it is possible you may have a different crew on some flights, especially if you trade up or down in the size of your aircraft.

Do the Direct Operating Costs Change?

Yes. The Direct Operating Cost is an occupied hourly fee for fuel, maintenance, engine reserves and pilot fees. The hourly rate may change as fuel costs and landing fees vary between airports.

Does the Management Fee rise as hours purchased increase?

Yes. The management fee increases with the size of the share purchased and is a pro-rata share of fixed cost. Examples of Fixed Costs include a hangar, administrative cost, insurance, and pilot training, which can be subject to inflation.

What documents will I sign when I become a SkyShare USA owner?

The three major documents in the purchase are:

  • A purchase agreement establishes the terms and conditions whereby the interest of a specific aircraft transfers from SSUSA to you or your entity. Limited power of attorney allows the SSUSA to change the name(s) on the registration each time a share is sold.
  • A Management Agreement establishes the terms, conditions, and level of service that SSUSA will provide.
  • An Owner Agreement must be signed by all the owners of a specific aircraft.
What advantages in flexibility does Fractional Ownership offer over Full Ownership?

Fractional Ownership

  • With multiple jets at your disposal, you can match the aircraft to your trip requirements by trading up or down in aircraft size from the type you own. For large groups, you have access to a team of pilots and a fleet of aircraft for simultaneous trips.
  • You will never worry about maintenance issues, or pilot schedules, as your SSUSA share opens availability to our entire fleet of aircraft and our qualified team of pilots.

Full Ownership

  • Putting aside the massive difference in costs, with Full Ownership, maintenance issues, and conflicts with your pilot’s schedule can ground your aircraft. With only one jet, the owner is forced to charter another aircraft.
  • If the jet owner has placed his jet with a Charter Broker, scheduling conflicts may arise with the owner and his Charter Broker. The owner has now compromised the flexibility he or she desired when they purchased full ownership.
I purchased a new aircraft from another Fractional Ownership Company. Why don’t I fly only on new aircraft?

Consult with your company, but this is true of most Fractional Programs. Although you may have purchased a portion of a new aircraft, it will become a member of a fleet of the same type of aircraft. The age of each aircraft in the fleet will vary; however, they typically will be similar in exterior and interior appearances. Each trip will be flown on the program aircraft that is most readily available, considering schedules, fleet availability, and itinerary.

Is SkyShare USA Fractional Ownership a Timeshare?

No. The FAA defines Timeshare as a rental concept. Our Fractional Ownership is an overall concept utilizing (1) Shared Ownership, (2) Exchange of Dry Leases–which allows the exchange of aircraft between owners, and (3) the use of SkyShare USA’s Management Team.